Process and Timeline


How long does Partial Entry take?

While the Partial Entry process timing can vary slightly for each department, in general it takes approximately 9 months to complete. FPPA works with each department to set a timeline specific to the department's needs and circumstances, as well as FPPA's current availability.

Throughout the entire process, FPPA staff are readily available for assistance and to answer any questions.

Sample Partial Entry Process

1. Informational meetings between FPPA and Partial Entry employer, members

2. Employer files non-binding resolution declaring their intention to enter the FPPA Defined Benefit System

3. FPPA conducts disclosure meetings with members to thoroughly explain FPPA’s pension plans and run retirement projections

4. Member selection period, in which employees are able to select whether they want to enter the FPPA System or stay with their local money purchase plan

5. Enrollment meetings with incoming members

6. Asset transfer from local money purchase accounts to FPPA accounts, if applicable

7. Service credit purchase informational meetings with members, if applicable

8. The Effective Date: the official date in which the enrollment takes place. From this date forward, all new department employees will be members of the FPPA Defined Benefit System

9. New members become eligible to purchase service credit for time served at their current employer, previous public employers and military time (optional)

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