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FPPA: The Basics

The Fire & Police Pension Association of Colorado (FPPA) provides retirement, disability, and survivor benefits to Colorado police officers, firefighters, and other first responders. In addition to administering the Statewide Retirement Plan (SRP) and the Statewide Death & Disability Plan (SWDD), FPPA is charged with investing the assets of and administering the benefits for over 200 volunteer fire and local “old hire” plans. Over 29,000 Colorado police officers and firefighters have some affiliation with one or more of the plans offered by FPPA.

FPPA is governed by a 9-member board of directors who are appointed by the Governor. The Board is made up of 3 member representatives, 3 employer representatives and 3 representatives from the community. This balance of power on the board is just one of the many reasons FPPA has remained a strong and stable pension system.

FPPA is proud to be a trusted provider of financial security for Colorado first responders.

Retirement Plans

Colorado fire and police departments who complete the Partial Entry process are eligible to join one or more of the following Statewide Retirement Components: Defined Benefit Component, Hybrid Defined Benefit Component, and the Money Purchase Components. Links to the Component brochures are located along the right side of this page.

Affiliated departments in Colorado: Statewide Retirement Plan

Affiliated departments not shown: Mountain View FPD, Rocky Mountain FPD, Sanford Police, North-West FPD, Lafayette Fire, Broadmoor FPD, Donald Wescott FPD, East Grand FPD #4, Grand FPD #1, Los Pinos FPD, Pagosa FPD, Pueblo West Metro FPD, Rattlesnake FPD, Southeast Weld FPD, Sanford Police.

Mission Statement

The Fire & Police Pension Association of Colorado is committed to our members. We will prudently invest their retirement funds, administer benefits impartially, and efficiently provide high quality service.


Being a trusted provider of financial security for Colorado police officers and firefighters.

We're committed to responsible, long-term investment growth

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