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FPPA Investments Summary

In the video below, FPPA's Chief Investment Officer provides an overview of our investments as they pertain to Partial Entry departments.

Fire & Police Members' Benefit Investment Fund

The Fire & Police Pension Association invests funds from the Defined Benefit System on behalf of its members. This includes funds for the Defined Benefit and Hybrid Defined Benefit Components of the Statewide Retirement Plan.

For more information and background regarding these investments, click here to visit the investments page at

Self-Directed Investments

The Money Purchase Component of the Statewide Retirement Plan and DROP accounts are considered “self-directed plans”. This means the members direct the investement of these assets using the mutual funds offered by the plan. This is sometimes referred to as the standard plan options. While Fidelity is the recordkeeper for the self-directed plans, the funds offered are not limited to Fidelity funds. In addition to the standard plan options, a brokerage window, BrokerageLink, is available.

Offering a cost-effective and competitive plan to FPPA members who participate in the self-directed plans is very important to FPPA. The funds are continually monitored and evaluated by the FPPA Self-Directed Plans Committee. This committee also determines the fees based on the cost to administer the plan.

For more information about self-directed plans, click here to view the Quarterly Performance Update or here to view the Annual Fee Anouncement.

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