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Use this calculator to estimate your potential benefit as an FPPA member. Not sure which FPPA defined benefit plan is best for you? Enter your information below to create benefit projections for all three plans simultaneously and then see your options side-by-side. If you have further questions, please contact us.

If you are currently a Member in the FPPA Defined Benefit System please log into your Member Account Portal (MAP) to estimate the cost to purchase Service Credits and calculate retirement benefit estimates.

What is your date of birth?

What is your current annual Base Salary*? (A.K.A. Pensionable Earnings)

Going forward, what is your expected annual Pensionable Earnings increase?

When will you enter the plan?

At what age do you plan to retire or enter DROP?

Do you plan to purchase any Service Credits?
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You may calculate your Service Credit purchase using either the number of credits you'd like to purchase (1 credit = 1 month of service), or the amount of money you'd like to spend. Which would you prefer?

How many months do you want to purchase?

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*The salary used to calculate the service credit cost is the highest rate of pay (Base Salary, A.K.A. Pensionable Earnings, as defined in FPPA Rule 101.05) for any calendar year in the plan. Typically this is a member's Annual Pensionable Earnings at the time of purchase.

The estimate calculated by this tool is based on the benefits for members in the Fire & Police Pension Association Defined Benefit System. This estimate is calculated using the FPPA website. It is based solely on information supplied by the member. The information used is not verified by FPPA and cannot be verified while this estimate is being prepared. The calculation may be revised periodically. The actual cost of service credit will be determined using actuarial factors effective on the established purchase date. In the event that any of this information changes, your benefit may also change.

The estimate provided assumes no previous service with FPPA, and is for normal retirement or vested retirement types only. The estimated monthly benefit is based on the Normal Option (Single Life). Additional Options may be available at the time of retirement. These estimates are intended for informational purposes only. Official interpretations or determinations are based upon the statutes and rules and regulations that govern these plans.

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